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Dunrobin Castle - Scotland

seamstress's room

In the 15th century, the Earl of Sutherland captured a beautiful young girl from the Mackay clan after a battle, and locked her up in the haunted room next to the Night Nursery.  He wanted to marry her, but she refused.  One night he came to her room to find her trying to escape down a rope of sheets.  Enraged he whipped out his sword and cut the rope, causing her to fall to her death at the foot of the tower.  Listen out for her weeping and wailing! On the floor below, in the Clan Society Room, there has often been heard an unearthly set of footsteps.  On one occasion, a male figure was seen walking along the landing and through the closed door.  The footsteps have now moved to the Drawing Room, no doubt displaced by the Clan Society.

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the cromartie stair

Because it has no visible means of support, all the strength coming Cromartiefrom the way in which the treads and half landings are inserted in to the wall.

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