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Dunrobin Castle - Scotland

Day Nursery

This charming room is also known as the Cromartie Room as Lord Cromartie was arrested here in 1746 having briefly liberated the Castle from the Earl of Sutherland.  Lord Cromartie was a Jacobite and supported Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Cromartie’s son, brother and nephew were all executed for their role in the 1745 rebellion.  Lord Cromartie was spared because of a petition presented to the King by his wife and he was banished to Devon.  The toys on display include a rocking horse and a doll's house, which was made for the present Countess of Sutherland's daughter, Lady Annabel.

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night nursery

All the furniture is Sicilian and was brought to the Castle at the end ofNighty the 19th century by the 4th Duke who had spent the winter in Sicily in a rented monastery recovering from a bout of bronchitis.  This room demonstrates that you get a better class of souvenir if you have a very large yacht!

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